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Revision for the second term
Test 1
I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
1. A. empty
2. A. simple
3. A. hospital
4. A. victim
5. A. elevate
B. ensure
B. tight
B. host
B. night
B. prefer
C. emergency
C. blind
C. lost
C. fine
C. sterile
D. enquire
D. write
D. offer
D. bite
D. plentiful

II/ Choose the best answer:
1. We don`t know the name of the injured person.
A. sterile
B. burned
C. wounded
D. unconscious

2. Cool it immediately so as to minimize tissue damage.
A. reduce
B. deepen
C. widen
D. enlarge

3. Please send an ambulance to Nguyen Du School. A student is hurt.
A. falling
B. polluted
C. bleeding
D. injured

4. Don`t let the victim become chilled.
A. appear hungry
B. get cold
C. fall unconscious
D. look tired

5. You should elevate the patient`s feet above the level of the heart.
A. cut
B. press
C. raise
D. decrease

6. The anti- tetanus injection is needed when someone gets _____.
A. burn
B. shock
C. deep cuts
D. dog bites

7. People use first- aid in order to _____ the victim`s pain and anxiety.
A. cure
B. treat
C. increase
D. ease

8. We can stop the bleeding by using a towel to cover the wound, then put ____ on it.
A. pressure
B. medicine
C. bandage
D. cloth

9. You should wear warm clothes in order to ____ yourself from cold and snow.
A. keep
B. protect
C. make
D. get

10. Don`t ____ the victim with blankets or coats.
A. overcome
B. overhear
C. overheat
D. overcook

11. The victim should drink a cup of tea when _____.
A. reviving
B. bleeding
C. fainting
D. calming down

12. Please get me a ___. He gets a bad cut in his leg.
A. blanket
B. wheelchair
C. chart
D. scissors

13. Don`t give the victim any food or drink if he or she gets ____.
A. happy
B. sad
C. shock
D. fainting

14. The cup of coffee kept her _____ all night.
A. awake
B. alone
C. asleep
D. alive

15. Cover the burned area with a thcik _____ dressing.
A. polluted
B. sterile
C. dry
D. affected

16. Would you please ____ me a sterile dressing?
A. to give
B. give
C. giving
D. given

17. She telephoned_____ us the condition of the injured student.
A. tell
B. to tell
C. telling
D told

18. Please let the boy _____ on this chair.
A. sit
B. to sit
C. sat
D. sitting

19. I put my hat on _____ protect my face from the sunlight.
A. in order
B. in order to
C. for
D. so as not to

20. When somebody gets fainting, leave him or her _____ flat.
A. lie
B. lying
C. lay
D. laying

III/ Choose the underlined part that needs correcting:
1. He often gets up early in order to reviewing lessons before school.
2. The ambulance will be there here for about ten minutes.
3. I took off my shoes so as to not make any noise.
4. She came back home early in order for meet her friends.
5. I`ll keep the window open to let fresh air at.
6. Shall I to come to the station with you?
IV/ Choose the best answer to complete the following dialogue:
Man: Emergency Service.
Girl: Please send(1) to Quang Trung School. The address is 30 Quang Trung Stret, Dong Da District.
Man: Can you tell me what (2)?
Girl: A motorbike crashed into a bicycle and a schoolgirl fell (3) her bike and was unconscious.
Man: Did her head bleed?
Girl: No, I don`t think so.
Man: Try to keep her awake. Leave