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Vinh Khanh secondary school Class:8A……..

I.Listen to the passage about the weather reports. Listen twice. Then write T (true) or F (false) for each sentence: (1.0pt)
1._______ It will be a dry day in Sydney today, and windy.
2._______ Tokyo will be dry and windy, with a low of fifteen and a high of twenty six.
3._______ London will be very cold with a low of minus three and the high of seven. 4._______ Bangkok will be warm and sunny.
II.Listen to the conversation about the Robinson family are making preparations for Tet. Listen twice. Circle the best option (A,B,C or D) : (1.0pt)
1.Mrs Robinson wants Mr Robinson to go to the____________________
A.flower market B.supermarket C.wet market D. market
2.Mrs Robinson wants some ____________________
A. flowers B. peach blossoms C. marigolds D.apricot blossoms
3.Mrs Robinson wants __________to buy a packet of dried watermelon seeds.
A.Lan B.Mrs Nga C.Phong D.Liz
4.Mrs Robinson is asking Mrs Nga how_____________ spring rolls.
A.to buy B.to make C.to cook D.to go
I.Circle the best option (A,B,C or D) to complete the passage below: (1.0pt)
One of the most famous statues in the world stands on an island in New York Harbor. This statue is, of course, the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty(1)____ a woman who holds a torch up high. Visitors can go inside the statue. The statue weighs 225 tons (2) ____ 46 meters high
The Statue of Liberty was put up (3)____1886. It was a gift to the United States from the people of (4)_____
1.A.was B.is C.were D.are
2.A.and B.but C.or D.because
3.A.since B.at C.on D.in
4.A.Greece B.Egypt C.France D.Cambodia
II. Read the passage carefully and then answer the questions:( 2.0pt)
In China, there is a wall that is 1,500 miles long. It is called the Great Wall of China. It winds uphill and down, through valleys and mountains. It was made by hand. The Great Wall of China was built from 246 to 209 BC. The people of China made it to keep out their enemies. There are watch towers all along the way. The Wall is made of brick and earth. It is high and wide on top. People can walk along the top as if it were a road. No other defense line has ever been made as long as the Great Wall of China.
1.Where is the Great Wall ?
2. When was the Great Wall of China built ?
3. What is the Wall made of ?
4. Who can walk along the top as if it were a road ?
I.Circle the word that has different stress from others: (0.5pt)
1.A.wonder B.lava C.teammate D.bamboo
2.A.include B.award C.snorkel D.collect
II.Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others: (0.5pt)
1.A.compiled B.completed C.awarded D.included
2.A.humid B.honor C.husk D.heritage
III.Circle the word or pharse(A,B,C or D) that best completes each sentence:(1.5pt)
1. They asked us if we .......................go then.
A.have B.are having C.had to D.to have
2.Only one team member take part in the …………………….
A.water-fetching B.water-fetch C.fetching-water D.fetch-water
3. The visitors asked whether they ........................ take photos.
A. could B.are C. can D.was
4.My mother...............................for me when I came home.
A. waited B.to wait C. was waiting D.waites
5.The seven included the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in present-day …………….
A.Cambodia B.India C. Greece D.Iraq
6. She decided …………………from Hoi An to Da Nang.
A. she went B.to go C.going D. she