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Topic 1: Why secondary school students should wear uniforms at school.
I think it is necessary for secondary school students to wear uniform at school. Firstly, wearing uniform encourages students to be proud of their school. Secondly, wearing uniforms helps students feel equal in many way, whether they are rich or poor. Finally, wearing uniform is practical you don’t have to think of what to wear every day. Therefore, students should wear uniforms.
Encourage: khuyến khích.

Topic 2: How to protect our environment.
There are many ways to protect our environment. Firstly, we should plant trees everywhere. For example, we can plant them around school yard, along the road, in the park, … . Secondly, we should put garbage bins in public places. Finally, we should travel by public buses instead of motorbikes because we go by public buses will reduce air and noise pollution. To sum up, we have a lot of ways to keep our environment clean.
Public: công cộng.

Topic 3: What should we do to save energy.
There are many ways to save energy. Firstly, we should turn off all electric appliances such as lights, air conditioners, televisions, pans, computers, … when we don’t use them. Secondly, we should turn off the faucets when we go out. Moreover, we should take showers instead of baths. Finally, we should travel by public buses, by bikes or on feet to save petrol. Therefore, we should save energy to protect the Earth’s resources.
Energy: năng lượng.
Resource: tài nguyên.
Electric appliances: thiết bị điện.
Faucet: vòi.
Petrol: xăng.

Topic 4: Why do we learn English.
Nowadays, English plays an important role in our life. Firstly, it is a mean of communication. If we know English, we can speak to the foreigners and understand what they say. Secondly, English is useful for us to find a good job. For example, we are good at English, we can work with foreign companies to get high salary. Finally, it is necessary to get information because many books, newspapers, news, … use English. Therefore, it is very important in our life.
Role: vai trò.
Communication: liên lạc.

Topic 5: Why do you like Tet.
Although there are many celebrations in a year, but I like “Tet” best. Firstly, it is time for people to friends and relatives. At Tet, people who live apart try to be together, visit relatives to give best wishes and receive lucky money. Secondly, at Tet people can taste traditional food such as: sticky-rice cakes, spring rolls, candy and kind of fruit. Thirdly, people spend much time doing something for Tet such as: decorate the house, going shopping to buy flowers, new clothes, … . Therefore, this is reason why I like “Tet” best.
Relative: quan hệ.
Spring roll: chả giò.
Reason: lí do.

Topic 6: Benefit of Internet.
Internet has increasingly developed and become part of our every life. Firstly, the Internet is a source of information. We can get information fast. We can watch news, read articles and watch the weather forecast. Secondly, the Internet is a source of entertainment. For example, we can listen to music, play games, chat with our friends,… . Finally, it is a mean of education. We can attend online schools and study online lessons. Moreover, we can look up English words easily. Therefore, the Internet is a wonderful invention of our modern life.
Benefit: lợi ích.
Increase: tăng.
Develop: phát triển.
Source: nguồn.
Article: điều khoản.
Forecast: dự báo.
Entertainment: giải trí.
Education: sự giáo dục.

Topic 7: A picnic you like best.
Last summer vacation, I went a picnic to Ao Vua with my classmates. We went there by bus. It took us 3 hours to get there. We brought a lot of food, drink, many tents, cameras and a guitar. We went there at 8 o’clock in the morning. We climbed on the mountain and went swimming – pool. We sang some songs and played games while Tin was playing guitar. He played very well. We took a lot of photos. We came back home at 9 o’clock p.m. Everyone felt very happy.

Topic 8: What should we do to save electricity.
There are many ways to save electricity. Firstly, we should turn off all electric appliances such as lights, pans, air conditioners, televisions,… when we don’t use them. Secondly, we should use energy – saving bulbs instead of bulbs. Thirdly, we should use solar energy. Therefore, we should save electricity to conserve the Earth’s resources.
Conserve: bảo tồn.

Topic 9