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Vinh Khanh secondary school Class:7A……..

I.Listen to the passage about the Robinsons. Listen twice. Then write T (true) or F (false) for each sentence: (1.0pt)
1._______ The Robinsons returned to Ha Noi by train. 2._______ This was the first time Liz saw the paddies.
3._______ They stopped at the restaurant for a long time. 4._______ Mrs. Robinson bought some food for Liz.
II.Listen to the conversation between a doctor and Hoa talking about a her medical check-up. Listen twice. Circle the best option (A,B,C or D) : (1.0pt) 1.How old is Hoa ?
A. Fifteen B.Forty C. Fourteen D.Thirteen
2.How tall is she ?
A.One meter 45 centimeters B. One meter 55 centimeters
C. One meter 65 centimeters D. One meter 35 centimeters
3.Her height is __________________
A. long B. short C. tall D. fat
4.How heavy is she ?
A.42 kilos B.32 kilos C. 45 kilos D. 40 kilos
I. Circle the best option (A,B,C or D) to complete the passage below: (1.0pt)
The students of Quang Trung School are having a (1) _______check -up today. First, they fill (2) _______ their medical records and give them to a nurse. After that, the nurse takes their temperature, measures their height, and (3) ________them. Then she tells them to go back to the (4) _______room. Now they are waiting to see the doctor.
1. A. medical B.medicine C.medicinal D.medicines 2. A. to B. up C.on D.in
3. A. weights B.weight C.weighs D.weigh
4. A.living B.waiting C.dining D.bed
II. Read the passage carefully and then answer the questions:( 2.0pt)
Last year, Minh spent his summer vacation in Nha Trang. It was the first time he went to Nha Trang. He stayed at a friend’s house. His friend took him to see lots of interesting places in Nha Trang such as Cham Temple, Hon Chong, Tri Nguyen Aquarium,… . Minh saw sharks, dolphins, and many different types of sea fish at Tri Nguyen Aquarium. Minh bought a lot of gifts for his friends in a souvenir shop near the exit of the aquarium. Minh liked the beach best. Minh and his friend went to the beach every morning. Minh felt happy and healthy after the trip.
1.Where did Minh spend his summer vacation last year ?
2. Was it the second time he went to Nha Trang.?
3.What did he see at Tri Nguyen Aquarium ?
->_ ________________________________________________________________

4.How did he feel after the trip ?
I.Circle the word that has different stress from others: (0.5pt)
1. A. aquarium B.material C.appointment D.temperature
2. A.measure B. decide C.iron D.polish
II.Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others: (0.5pt)
1. A.helped B.talked C.rented D.watched
2. A.shark B. crab C.cavity D.cap
III.Circle the word or pharse(A,B,C or D) that best completes each sentence:(1.5pt)
1.He ate a lot of food because it was ______________
A. expensive B.cheap C.delicious D.tasty
2.The _____________ of the commom cold include a slight fever and a runny nose
A. symptoms B. cure C. symptom D. cures
3.She smiled ___________ me in a friendly way when she saw me.
A. with B.to C.of D. at
4.We ___________ our grandparents next week.
A. visit B. will visit C. visited D. to visit
5.How ___________ is the blue hat ? It`s 100,000 dong.
A. far B.many C. old D.much
6. The nurse __________ Lan`s temperature yesterday.
A. will take B.took C. is taking D.takes
I.Rewrite each sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one:(1.0pt)
1. What is your age ?
-> How old_____________________________________________________?
2. How heavy is she ?