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Download giao an Bài Luyện Thi Anh Văn Đại Học 2016 (Lesson 19) mien phi,tai lieu Bài Luyện Thi Anh Văn Đại Học 2016 (Lesson 19) mien phi,bai giang Bài Luyện Thi Anh Văn Đại Học 2016 (Lesson 19) mien phi 100%, cac ban hay chia se cho ban be cung xem

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LESSON 19 – April 21st, 2016
Behind the scenes at the museum, over three hundred (1)....are engaged in vital research into areas of (2)....significance, addressing issues such as water pollution, tropical disease, and the management of (3)....systems. Research at the museum is partly funded by your (4)….fee, but if you would like to make an (5)….donation, please do so. You can also support our work with a Museum Credit Card.
Please complete an application form at the Information Desk. A further way to support our work is to become a member of the Museum by paying a small annual (6)....fee. The advantages of (7)....include free entry, a free magazine, considerable (8)......on prices in the Museum Shop and an exclusive programme of special events.

(5) ADD

WRITING 1. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given. Here is an example (0).
0. I’ve never been at all interested in learning to play a musical instrument. SLIGHTEST
I’ve never had the slightest interest in learning to play a musical instrument.
1. Anna’s fed up with the company and she’s intending to leave work as soon as she can. NO
Anna’s fed up with the company and she’s got.......... longer than she has to.
2. Susan picked the baby up gently, because she didn’t want to wake him. TO
Susan picked the baby up gently so ........... him.
3. They were able to creep away unobserved because it was very dark. OWING
They were able to creep away unobserved...............it was very dark.
4. The car was redesigned and, as a result, sales rose rapidly. RESULTED
The successful redesigning of the car................... in sales.
5. Despite improving his performance, Smith is still not in the top three for the 10,000
metres. LED
The improvement in Smith’s performance....... in the top three for the 10,000 metres.
6. We should leave about six, otherwise we might not get there in time for dinner. SET
If ............ six, we might not get there in time for dinner.
7. You should make the sauce thicker if you want to improve the flavour. THICKEN
You’ll .........................................order to improve the flavour.
8. After several years, heavy traffic caused the bridge to collapse. DUE
The collapse................................. several years of heavy traffic.
READING 1. Read the following magazine article and answer questions. Give only one answer to each question.
Margaret And Her Liquid Assets
Margaret Wilkins is said to have a `sixth sense`. She can hold a forked haze rod above the ground and detect water. She is increasingly in demand by farmers whose wells have dried up.
Together with her husband, Margaret Wilkins runs a welldrilling business, using technology such as drilling rigs and air-compressed hammers. But when it comes to locating water, she needs nothing more than a forked hazel stick. The couple`s success rate is higher than 90 per cent. Dowsing - the ability to locate water, minerals and lost objects underground - is a so-called `sixth sense`. There are many theories about how it is done, ranging from the physical, such as magnetism, to the spiritual. One of the most credible is based on the knowledge that everything on this planet vibrates, water more than other matter. It is suggested that dowsers have an acute ability to sense vibrations while standing on the Earth`s surface; some dowsers say that they can `sense` water, others that they can smell it, smell being the most acute sense.
For the Wilkins, the drought years of recent times have been busy, with an almost six-week-long waiting list at one stage. Most of Margaret`s customers are farmers with wells that have dried up: `We will see customers only once in a lifetime because wells last for a long time.` Other customers own remote cottages or barns, now holiday homes, where the expense of running water pipes for great distances is prohibitive. Others are golf-course developers with clubhouse facilities to build. Margaret tries to locate water between 50 and 70 metres down. `You can`t drill a well where there is the slightest risk of farm or other waste getting into the water supply. The water we locate is running in fissures of impervious rock and, as long as we bring the water straight up,